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 Design work to a certain extent, the designer of the image.  In this work focused on interior design, designers, many of the characteristics Chen Ying Ying are now able to clear.   Chen Ying has 1989 to 1994, studied architecture at Shenzhen University. From the teacher's point of view, he is very impressed with the students. The first is that he is always positive, the rules state ︰ of everything, including professional and school life of passion and commitment. More prominent the impression that he challenged in the classroom style of questioning, this "Everlasting" and "entanglement" is often beyond the specific design problem itself, involves the construction, nature of the discussion space. "Positive nature" given the reality of his strong ability to adapt to critical thinking habits that he has always retained the color of idealism, to provide sustained progress.  This effective combination of both can be highly competitive, a situation complicated decoration and design industry has a bright future. Is not long at 14 years of practicing experience, Chen Ying's performance is excellent.He instigated the personal development of "designer ‧ ‧ 10 years into the exhibition" is an influential industry events. By including a group of designers, including his push, no longer attached to engineering companies, an independent interior design company has emerged in recent years.  Chen Ying of the show, the city is one of the representatives of design companies. This explains the independent value of design is increasingly recognized by society.

  The complete works of high quality interior design, from which the designer can see the sincerity of the owners service and excellent professional quality; also see the social habits of critical aesthetic follow.  Works of a variety of styles, the "modern" "Chinese", "Western classical", but still maintains the modern minimalist aesthetic tone reflects the designer's unique vision of architecture background. Form, material, detail, color and other elements is based on "space concept" portfolio, from these combinations can be found in a number of interested ex skills, can be said that the design is the interior of the "space design", rather than focus only on the surface " decorative design. Read carefully, these works showed the clever design of grace, and the attendant is taste.  It is this taste and shows us that this "universal design of the times," the spirit of the character.

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