Top 101: World's New Buildings

ISBN: 9787214073914
No. of Pages: 591
Binding Style: Hard Bound with Jacket
Dimensions: 37.4 x 26.8 x 5.6 cm
Publication Year: 2011
Language: English
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Publisher: Jiangsu People's Publishing Hous
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101 the world's best new building to innovation, excellence as the main basis points, a blend of all over the world in recent years the most influential public building design projects, and repeatedly screened by experts, most eye-catching 101, the most prominent have been completed and public construction projects to reorganize into a book.The book involves the urban complex of buildings, office buildings, cultural and medical buildings, hotels and construction, covering almost all the contents of the public buildings.Project a wide range of Nordic countries, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Western Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Central Europe, Poland, Italy, southern Europe, Romania as in Eastern Europe, Russia, Western Asia, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, East Asia Japan, Korea, China, Kuwait, Southwest Asia, Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Australia, Oceania, North America, the United States, Mexico and South America, Brazil, Argentina, and really look to the world in the sector.

101 of the world's best new building "includes categories such as commercial buildings, hotel buildings, office buildings, cultural buildings, a total of 101 well-known construction projects, documented in detail famous new design the whole process, so that more readers can explore the famous masterpieces the subtlety of the wonderful experience the famous masterpiece of creative design ... 101 world-best new building covers 101 works, including commercial buildings, hotel buildings, office buildings, cultural buildings, complete categories covering almost all public construction; selected cases, informative and professional, including a detailed technical drawings and professional real.101 world-best new building reflects the fully functional, regional, creative design and highlights of the multi-element differences, interpretation of the domestic and international design master of imaginative design concepts and ideas, it is worth the careful appreciation of designers .A book of the selected projects have adopted a large number of floor plans, profiles, model renderings, technical drawings, analysis diagram, the real map, interpretation of the text concise, compiled version rigorous, content-rich and fulfilling, and domestic and foreign well-known architectural firm and design the strong support of the masters, precisely because of their strong support, the book was successful publication, I believe this book can bring you to appreciate the design of effective and enjoyable.

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