The Album of China textile Patterns Vol.16

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"Atlas of China Textile fabric pattern 16" is an annual series of books published by large "Atlas of China Textile fabric patterns," the 16 series, featuring a total of more than 4,000 fabric patterns only, including fabric, clothing decorative fabrics, textile fabrics and other tricks. The series of images set to take the 2010 series of the popular market, fine patterns, classified by the editorial staff scheduling and careful layout design, so that the atlas is more novel.
  "Atlas of China Textile fabric pattern of 16" fabric pattern designed primarily for printing, textile marketing, apparel design, arts and crafts design, packaging design and tertiary institutions, relevant professional staff and students for reference.

Till date 16 editions has been printed in this series... This is latest in this series.
All editions are important as nothing has been repeated. For previous editions please contact

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 "Atlas of China Textile fabric pattern of 16" to a comprehensive, fashion, guidance and practical featuring timely, accurate and comprehensive overview of the mainstream of current domestic and foreign textile patterns and trends, understand the fabric color of the world, develop ideas, develop great practical value of new colors, designed to improve the level of textile printing, textile catch up with China to promote far-reaching international advanced level.
 The "Atlas" were selected in 2010 the domestic and foreign markets fine fashion fabric flower only 4,000, according to apparel fabrics, apparel decoration fabrics, textile fabrics to be classified, each pattern is marked with serial number, file name and the original scaling. Readers can contact in accordance with label pattern edit unit of Atlas Textile Technology Center Co., Ltd. Shaoxing County, and further inspect the flower of the process data and carry out the next step of the plate, the system network operations; in the pattern design of the readers can refer to the flower color, structure, design, application development of the Company Jinchang EX6000 or EX9000 color printing software, the intent of the pattern according to their own re-design, develop new suit; in printed fabrics trade, readers, access to detailed information by pressing the number can be directly determined trade-related business.


 1. Clothing fabrics

 1.1 Floral
 1.2 geometric patterns
 1.3 General patterns

 2. Apparel Decoration

 2.1 square pattern
 2.2 decorative patterns

 3. Textile fabrics

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